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Learning and development will always be an integral part of an employee’s lifecycle with an organisation. Wellness and wellbeing, whilst often focused on an individual’s needs, can also be achieved in part through gaining new knowledge, skills and attributes to build confidence and competence personally and professionally.

Having designed and delivered training programmes in-house and in public settings throughout my career means I can offer you a portfolio of courses for both colleagues and people managers.

One Day Workshops

The following soft-skills workshops are suitable for both colleagues and people managers and can be delivered virtually or in-person at your premises.
Although they have been written to be relatively generic to any business, industry type or role level, for an additional fee, they can be tailored to your exact needs if required. With my extensive experience, I am also happy to discuss any other soft skills development needs you may have.
  • 1,200£
    • Building Resilience;
    • Managing Overwhelm;
    • Communication & Presentation Skills;
    • Personal Impact & Effectiveness
Business Presentation

Building Resilience

Everyday life can be tough personally and professionally and the challenges people face are sometimes overwhelming.
This course will allow candidates to explore the difference between pressure and stress, what happens to us when we are not coping well and how to identify the right tools and resources that will allow people to move from surviving to thriving no matter what the circumstances, bouncing back better than ever before

Managing Overwhelm & Finding Balance

Life is a juggling act and at times there aren’t enough hours in the day. Trying to fulfil all of life’s demands can affect us, our happiness, motivation and productivity. This course evaluates where and how individuals are currently spending their time and how effective that is for them.
We'll reflect on what overwhelm feels like at an individual level and learn some time management, organising and prioritising techniques to add to everyone’s toolbox to prevent future busy times from turning into exhaustion and burnout.

Communication & Presentation Skills

We are never not communicating! But how often do we consciously think about our natural communication style and how it may be perceived by others?
This full day will enable learners to become more aware of what they say, how they say it, the power of what they don’t say and how all of this is received. We will also spend some time looking at presentation styles, learning tips and sharing advice on this underestimated powerful skill.

Personal Impact & Effectiveness

Most of your staff will work with and around other people – and a large part of their success with colleagues and customers lies in the impression and impact they make in all of their relationships.
This day will involve some self-reflection to consider how aware people are of their own impact before developing some skills in confidence and assertiveness and learning about the relevance of personal image in a business setting. We will also explore how the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions and how this impacts on our success.  

Manage & Lead

A four-modular Management & Leadership development programme that can be delivered at a pace that suits your organisation. Each module is a full day that can be delivered virtually or in-person.
The four modules are intended to develop the skills and behaviours of your managers whilst building their self-confidence and ability to effectively manage others.
  • 4,500£
Managers will be provided with a detailed behavioural profile at the start of the programme to understand their working strengths, motivators and natural style and be provided with 1-1 feedback.
Team Meeting

Module 1

Key skills for effective management and leadership
This first module introduces candidates to the differences between management & leadership, the expectations of both, traditional theories and more modern approaches and the relevance of motivation, engagement and communication as a people manager

Module 2

Understanding yourself and others
Self-awareness is key to successful management and this module focuses on individuals exploring their preferred behavioural and management style, their natural strengths and limitations and how that all impacts on their effectiveness. We also consider other people’s styles and the importance of developing behavioural agility to work with others in a way that works for them.

Module 3

Managing teams and relationships
Managing people means working with and through people, often with different personalities, needs and aptitudes. The module develops individual’s awareness of others, offers tools to manage challenging behaviours, looks at how we can all work more effectively in a team and brings to life team models and theories

Module 4

Developing Resilience

Managers more than ever need to build their own resilience as people as well as supporting team members to bounce back better in challenging times and this module will work through resources to manage personal and professional pressure and stress and build self-care habits. We will also explore how to identify signs and symptoms of overwhelm in colleagues and how to most effectively support them as managers

The Wheel of Wellness

The Wheel of Wellness gives a 360-degree holistic view of all areas in life that are important for an individual to assess to be truly engaged on their path to being well physically, emotionally and mentally. Taking time out to evaluate how we would score ourselves in each of the 10 areas right now allows us to focus not just on the lower scores that may be making us feel ‘unbalanced’ but also helps us decide which areas are the most important to us and therefore require our time and attention to move from where we are to where we want to be.


Establish your most important relationships and understand how to nurture them to support you on your Journey to wellness.

Keep your environment as free from toxins as possible by making small, positive changes. Focus on self-care to ensure that you look after your skin and body.

Appreciate why

your support network is essential to you and understand

how the different roles you undertake impact on your relationships

Unlock that inner child in you, so you can reacquaint yourself with what brings you joy – and find ways to do more of it!

Establish what being ‘fit’ means to you and find ways to build activity into your busy life. Build up your physical & mental endurance.

Evaluate how you're fuelling your busy life and provide practical, user-friendly ways to make eating well a priority for you and your family 

Protect your

mental & emotional wellness. Work on self-care, self-esteem and confidence. Discover how thought patterns impact on mood and capacity

to thrive.

Discover realistic

ways to prioritise

learning and growing. Uncover where you may be ‘stuck’ in a job that may not be serving you personally or professionally

Explore how important financial wellness is to your wellbeing, understand where you are now financially and how you want to reach future goals

Get involved in local community initiatives as a great way to build your social network, confidence and positive mental health.



Family & Friends

Fun & Recreation



Mental Health


Your Personal Development


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