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The Wheel of Wellbeing

True wellbeing often requires focus on a few different parts of our life.


The Wheel Of Wellbeing gives a 360-degree holistic view of all areas of life and it is a really useful tool that I can use as part of your coaching to explore 10 key facets that make up overall wellbeing.


When people score themselves against each of the facets, they might find that their feelings of ‘being out of kilter’ are intrinsically linked to a Wheel that’s out of balance in certain areas. For others, it’s a valuable learning curve to discover parts of their life that they’ve not paid attention to and to create strategies to support those areas.


As with all coaching, this tool aides people in finding the answers within themselves, establish what’s important to them and move from where they are to where they want to be.


Establish your most important relationships and understand how to nurture them to support you on your Journey to wellness.

Keep your environment as free from toxins as possible by making small, positive changes. Focus on self-care to ensure that you look after your skin and body.

Appreciate why

your support network is essential to you and understand

how the different roles you undertake impact on your relationships

Unlock that inner child in you, so you can reacquaint yourself with what brings you joy – and find ways to do more of it!

Establish what being ‘fit’ means to you and find ways to build activity into your busy life. Build up your physical & mental endurance.

Evaluate how you're fuelling your busy life and provide practical, user-friendly ways to make eating well a priority for you and your family 

Protect your

mental & emotional wellness. Work on self-care, self-esteem and confidence. Discover how thought patterns impact on mood and capacity

to thrive.

Discover realistic

ways to prioritise

learning and growing. Uncover where you may be ‘stuck’ in a job that may not be serving you personally or professionally

Explore how important financial wellness is to your wellbeing, understand where you are now financially and how you want to reach future goals

Get involved in local community initiatives as a great way to build your social network, confidence and positive mental health.



Family & Friends

Fun & Recreation



Mental Health


Your Personal Development


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