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In a Lavender Field
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For professional women, the mental and emotional load has never been greater – you’re managing a career whilst juggling life’s many challenges.

You’re understandably exhausted, overwhelmed and unfulfilled, and your wellbeing is sitting at the bottom of a very long list. There is another way and I want you to learn how to establish true balance in all areas – physically, emotionally and mentally.

What is coaching?

True coaching is a partnership  - a safe and confidential space for you to get from where you are to where to where you want to be mentally, emotionally and physically.


In our time together, I will support with your challenges and goals and help you to understand how every aspect of your busy life is interconnected.

I will ask you pertinent questions and share reflections that will empower you to find the answers that you already hold within yourself.  

Take the First Step

How does it work?

Our unique journey together will require you to get really curious about the challenges in your life, what’s got you stuck and / or why you can’t seem to move forwards – we will evaluate the gaps between where you are and where you want to be and you will then commit to some goals to bridge those gaps.
If you aren’t yet sure of what the gaps and priorities are, we may use the Wheel of Wellbeing as a starting point - you will then be able to lead our sessions as you discover more about yourself.   

Our coaching relationship is owned and managed by you so following an initial complementary discovery call, we will establish the key areas of focus between us, one step at a time.
Coaching works at your pace and in your time. Some women need only two or three sessions, others may need six or more – this decision is only made after the discovery call and is based on your needs and the number of life areas you want to be coached through.
Sessions can be booked and paid for on an ad-hoc basis but it is recommended that you register for one of the packages below.

Who is 1:1 coaching for?

Whatever you are struggling with, the good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

I specialise in wellbeing, mindset and confidence coaching and I will work alongside you all the way as you find the answers you need.

I work with professional women at key stages in their life, primarily: 

Women who are navigating the challenges of an infertility / subfertility journey alongside work and other commitments  

Mums struggling with the demands of juggling a family with their career who want to find balance and prioritise their own health, happiness & wellbeing. 

Women who are managing a chronic illness alongside work and / or family and need to focus on themselves to boost resilience and improve wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally  

Flower Bud Petals

Lotus Bud

Our starting package will sow the seeds towards a balanced future.
A complementary 30-minute discovery call
Three 60-minute virtual coaching sessions
A check-in call one month after the coaching has been completed
Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower

Lotus Blossom

The VIP package to help you nourish your own growth and see your future blossom.
A complementary 30-minute discovery call
​Six 60-minute virtual coaching sessions​
A check-in call one and three months after the coaching has been completed
Personal access to me via WhatsApp between coaching sessions (for questions & additional guidance and support)
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