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People want to bring their whole selves to work – and with life being busier and more pressured than ever before, your people are looking to you as their employer to support them with their wellbeing and development, to be their most effective, productive and healthy selves in and out of the workplace.

The benefits are endless for individuals, teams and organisations when employees feel engaged, confident and well mentally, emotionally and physically and are giving you their best every day.

Coaching for Business

There has never been a more pertinent time for colleague wellbeing to be at the top of your Board agenda, no matter the size or sector of your business. Your teams want to bring their best, whole selves to work but this involves them thinking and feeling their best physically, emotionally and mentally and as your employer, they want you to support them with their wellbeing and development.
I specialise in wellbeing coaching and training, using over two decades of knowledge and expertise, as well as my authentic lived experience in this space. As an agile, independent business, I have the flexibility to deliver a library of affordable, tried and tested off-the-shelf webinars, in-house training workshops and bespoke presentations, one-off courses and longer training programmes and 1:1 or group coaching. I also offer a wellbeing consultancy service for clients looking for professional tailor-made people support.
Wellbeing Coaching for Business

1:1 and Group Coaching

I am a qualified coach, NLP Master Practitioner and am trained in behavioural and emotional intelligence people assessments – I use all of this knowledge and experience to work with people on an individual and group basis to provide a unique personal and professional development experience.  


I specialise in supporting professional women who are at key stages or life events and need a coach to partner them on their journey from where they are to where they want to be.

It may be that your female staff are:

Going through an infertility challenge whilst trying to build their family and need coaching to navigate a way through their thoughts and feelings at this difficult time whilst working

Working with a chronic illness and need someone to support them with any wellbeing needs they may have, from managing their mindset and / or emotions to accepting a new diagnosis or prioritising their health

Juggling being a parent with the demands of their job – they may be feeling overwhelmed, chronically stressed or even burnt out. It may also be that their current role is now not a good fit for them or they are feeling unfulfilled and need some support in making positive changes within your organisation.

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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching works most effectively for any of your team members who have a specific need and want to work with someone confidentially.

Most individuals will need between three and six coaching sessions.

Group of Friends

Group Coaching

Group coaching works really well for up to six people in an organisation who have similar development goals i.e. building confidence, boosting resilience, stress management, managing people, communication skills, the wheel of wellbeing.

Group coaching may be one topic chosen by the sponsoring organisation or it may be a number of hand-picked topics that could be built into a coaching programme over a period of time chosen by you.

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